Oct 11, 2013

Indonesian navy officially commences operations of CN235 MPA aircraft

The Indonesian Navy has started operating the maritime patrol aircraft CN235 MPA version following its delivery to the Defense Ministry from the country`s aircraft.
The CN235 MPA aircraft, the first of three aircraft units ordered by the Navy, was delivered by PTDI.
The CN235 MPA aircraft, will be based at the Juanda Naval base in Surabaya, East Java.
In addition to the military aircraft version, the country`s Navy has also operated several units of maritime patrol aircraft of CN212 produced by the PTDI.
The other two CN235 MPA units of aircraft will be operational in 2014.
Indonesia actually needs 54 units of CH121 and 21 units of CN235 MPA to control its territory.
South Korea and Turkey also use the CN235 MPA, and Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, South Korea, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Senegal and Burkina Faso were also operating the CN235 aircraft.

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