Apr 2, 2014

South Korea dispatchs F-15K as North Korea fires artillerey across border

When North Korea conducted live-fire drills in the Yellow Sea Monday, firing some 100 shells across the Northern Limit Line, Seoul quickly dispatched an F-15K fighter jet carrying cutting-edge, air-to-surface missiles.
The so-called SLAM-ER missiles, have a range of 278 kilometers and their margin of shooting error is only about 2 meters.
The secret of its precision is a state-of-the-art guidance system that connects the missile, the pilot of the jet and the operation headquarters.
When the 4.5-meter-long missile approaches within a few kilometers of a target, a camera in its nose transmits an image of the target to the pilot or the headquarters so that they can guide the missile exactly.
If the SLAM-ER is fired from the air near the inter-Korean border, its range covers the entire territory of North Korea.
Its name is an acronym for Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response.
South Korea’s military did not strike North Korean artillery units immediately when shells reached Southern waters,because the shells from North Korea did not fall onto South Korean land.
Had the North’s shells landed on Baengnyeong Island, the forefront island of South Korea, the situation would have been totally different.

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