Apr 1, 2014

South Korea launchs bid to buy 4 tanker aircraft buy to boost air defence

South Korea kicked off the process to buy four in-flight refuelling tanker aircraft, with Boeing and Airbus expected to compete.
The purchase is part of South Korea's attempts to bolster its air defence in the face of rising tension in Northeast Asia over the maritime interests of neighbours such as Japan and China, as well as against an unpredictable North Korea.
The purchase will be made through a competitive bid process and bids will be accepted by June 30.
Boeing Co is expected to bid with a model that is based on a Boeing 767-level aircraft such as the KC-46 Pegasus, while Airbus Group NV is expected to enter its A330 multi-role tanker transport.
South Korea expects the purchase will boost its fighter jets' airborne operation time by more than an hour.

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