Feb 28, 2013

Se inicia la reparación del primer Eurofighter en la Maestranza de Albacete

El día 21 de febrero la Maestranza Aérea de Albacete (MAESAL) recibió, por primera vez, un Eurofighter (C.16) de la Base Aérea de Morón para iniciar los trabajos para su reparación.
Hasta la fecha, dicha Maestranza había realizado el mantenimiento de diversos módulos de dichos cazas, pero nunca había recibido un avión completo a estos efectos.
Con esta actuación, el Ejército del Aire pone en práctica su política de uso de medios orgánicos. En concreto, la Maestranza Aérea de Albacete ejercerá de Cabecera Técnica de la flota C-16. Este nuevo rol de la Maestranza Aérea de Albacete supondrá para el Ejército del Aire dotarse de la capacidad de recuperación de este tipo de avión con un ahorro económico importante.
Para poder desempeñar esa labor, la MAESAL ha sido dotada de los pertinentes recursos materiales y ha entrenado a su personal para recuperar los sistemas auxiliares de esta aeronave que van, desde la revisión de los asientos lanzables, hasta la inspección de varios módulos del motor o la reparación y mantenimiento de los equipos de tierra (AGE) que dan servicio a esta aeronave.


Hongdu L-15 UCAV flying test bed


USAF again selects Super Tucano for Afghan Air Force

The U.S. Air Force has again selected Sierra Nevada Corp. to provide 20 Super Tucano light support aircraft for the Afghan Air Force.
A contract was awarded December 2011 to Sierra Nevada Corp. but canceled in March 2012 after Hawker Beechcraft protested and an internal Air Force investigation turned up documentation deficiencies in the source selection paperwork.

Feb 27, 2013

First A400M delivery 2nd quarter only

France will not receive its first A400M until the second quarter of this year instead of next month as was originally planned, Tom Enders, CEO of EADS, reconfirmed at this morning's 2012 press results.
He said this was due to engine issues in 2012 which meant that "function and reliability tests had to be repeated" but confirmed that the French Air Force will received its first aircraft in the second quarter and the second and third aircraft in the second half of the year which is also when Turkey should receive its first A400M.
Enders stressed that A400M customers had recognized in 2010 that "this is a military program" and that there would therefore be a "gradual" build-up of the aircraft's capabilities.
"Not all military performances will be available on day one of the delivery to the French Air Force," Enders said, "but this is fully agreed with our customers."

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US military may take over part of CIA drone war

President Barack Obama's administration is looking at easing the secrecy around the drone war against Al-Qaeda by shifting control for some air strikes from the CIA to the US military, officials say.
But the move would likely not apply to drone attacks in Pakistan, where most of the bombing raids take place.
And even if the policy change is carried out, Obama has no intention of abandoning a tactic that his advisers say has decimated the Al-Qaeda network.

A330 MRTT enters RAAF operational service

Australia's Airbus Military A330 multirole tanker transport (MRTT) aircraft have achieved initial operational capability (IOC), with the type demonstrating an air-to-air refuelling mission on the sidelines of the Avalon show.
The aircraft, designated the KC-30A in Royal Australian Air Force service, refuelled a pair of Boeing F/A-18A Hornets from its wing-mounted hose and drogue refuelling pods. The event was witnessed by journalists travelling in the tanker's cabin.
Australia's air force has taken delivery of all five of its A330 MRTTs. The IOC milestone includes the ability to refuel F/A-18s through the hose and drogue method during daytime and night, as well as carrying a full load of passengers. The type's passenger cabin is identical to that found in Qantas Airways' commercial A330s, although the military aircraft lack an in-flight entertainment system.


Luxembourg takes over Op Atalanta airborne patrol duties

At the end of February the Luxembourg Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance (MPRA) detachment returns to the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia Operation Atalanta counter piracy mission.
The Benelux country takes over maritime patrol and reconnaissance duties from the Swedish Coast Guard MPRA unit operating from the Seychelles.
During previous deployments with EU NAVFOR, the two Luxembourg Merlin IIIC maritime patrol aircraft flew 775 missions, totalling 4,500 flying hours. These missions covered counter piracy sea searches, information gathering and vessel escorts.
In their previous deployment the aircraft were involved in over more than 50 maritime incidents; including detection of pirate action groups at sea, guiding EU NAVFOR and other counter piracy forces towards suspicious activity as well as providing imagery of piracy related incidents.
The acting detachment commander said: “We are pleased to have returned to the EU Naval Force mission. All members of the Luxembourg detachment recognise the importance of contributing to the overall counter piracy effort in the Somali Basin.”

India ready to induct BrahMos cruise missile into Air Force by 2014

India will be ready to induct BrahMos supersonic cruise missile into its Air Force by the end of next year, a top official has said.

"The program for induction of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile with a speed of Mach 3 into the Indian Air Force will be ready by the end of 2014. BrahMos will be upgraded to a hypersonic cruise missile with a speed of Mach 7 by 2017," Sivathanu Pillai, the chief executive of BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited, was quoted by the local media as saying in the southern state of Tamil Nadu Monday.


Boeing Phantom Eye Completes 2nd Flight

Boeing's liquid hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye unmanned airborne system completed its second flight Feb. 25, demonstrating capabilities that will allow it to perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions for up to four days without refueling.
During the flight, at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., Phantom Eye climbed above an altitude of 8,000 feet and remained aloft for 66 minutes at a cruising speed of 62 knots before landing. The aircraft exceeded what it achieved last year during its first flight when it flew at an altitude of 4,080 feet and remained aloft for 28 minutes.
"Today’s combination of geopolitical and economic issues makes Phantom Eye's capabilities, affordability and flexibility very attractive to our global customers," said Darryl Davis, Boeing Phantom Works president. "No other system holds the promise of offering on-demand, persistent ISR and communications to any region in the world, rapidly responding to natural disasters and national security issues."
Boeing is self-funding development of the environmentally responsible Phantom Eye, which generates only water as a byproduct of its propulsion system.
"This flight, in a more demanding high-altitude flight envelope, successfully demonstrated Phantom Eye's maneuverability, endurance and landing capabilities," said Drew Mallow, Phantom Eye program manager.
Following the first flight, Boeing upgraded the aircraft's software and hardware, including the landing gear. The upgrades paid off in the form of a picture-perfect landing.
The Phantom Eye demonstrator is capable of carrying a 450-pound payload while operating for up to four days at altitudes of up to 65,000 feet.


Honeywell to test some F-35 parts after smoke incident

The Pentagon said on Monday an F-35 test plane was involved in an incident on Feb. 14 that caused smoke in the cockpit, and it was sending the affected parts back to their manufacturer, Honeywell International Inc , for a detailed inspection.

Kyra Hawn, spokeswoman for the $396 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, said an initial assessment of the incident at a Maryland air base showed it was isolated, software-related, and posed minimal risk.

The Pentagon has made temporary changes to prevent another smoke incident, she said.


Liaoning tested weapon systems on way to Qingdao

Aircraft carrier Liaoning had the opportunity to test its on board weapon systems during the transit from Dalian to Qingdao on Feb. 26.


F-35B had smoke in cockpit on Feb. 14

Parts from BF-2′s power thermal management system had to be sent back to Honeywell for inspection after the F-35B had smoke in the cockpit on Feb. 14.
The pilot had stop and restart the auxiliary power unit when a caution light came on during flight and noticed traces of smoke. The flight was terminated and landed safely without declaring an emergency.


Feb 26, 2013

Morocco's third CL-415 Delivered

Morocco ordered three more CL-415 water-bombers in March 2011 following delivery of their first in February of the same year. The second aircraft was delivered quickly in May 2011 but the third seems to have suffered a lengthy delay. Having been painted and photographed at St. John's, Canada in June 2012, the aircraft only made it across the Atlantic this week. Routing via Goose Bay, Narsarsuaq and Keflavik, the high-visibility twin turboprop arrived at Manchester on 23rd February, prior to continuing South via Malaga to Morocco.

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Se cumple el primer mes del despliegue del Destacamento Marfil del Ejército del Aire en Malí

El día 26 de enero de 2013, los 30 primeros componentes del Ejército del Aire despegaron desde la Base Aérea de Zaragoza a bordo del avión C-130 Hércules del Ala 31 que se desplegaba para proporcionar apoyo las operaciones internacionales en apoyo de Malí.
Así pues, se cumple ya el primer mes de esfuerzo logístico del Ejército del Aire para sostener este destacamento, que se añade a los que ya viene realizando para los despliegues en las operaciones en Afganistán y en el Cuerno de África.
Este primer contingente del Destacamento "Marfil" está compuesto por un equipo de 48 personas, entre las que, además de las tripulaciones y personal de mantenimiento del Ala 31, hay miembros del Escuadrón de Apoyo al Despliegue Aéreo (EADA), de las Unidades Médicas Aéreas de Apoyo al Despliegue (UMAAD - Madrid y Zaragoza) y del Grupo Móvil de Control Aéreo (GRUMOCA), todas ellas unidades que son claro ejemplo de la vocación y capacidad expedicionaria del Ejército del Aire.
La primera misión de transporte aéreo, entre las localidades de Dakar (Senegal), Bamako (Malí) y Niamey (Níger) tuvo lugar el día 30 de enero y consistió en el transporte de material y efectivos de las Fuerzas Amadas francesas.
La contribución española en esta operación, que se produjo a petición de Francia, está enmarcada dentro del compromiso europeo de promover la seguridad en la Zona del Sahel y fomentar la cooperación en materia de seguridad entre los países de la región.


Indian Air Force conducts Iron Fist 2013 military exercise

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has conducted its first day-night exercise, code-named Iron Fist 2013, in an effort to display its operational and precision fire power capabilities at the Pokhran test range facility in Rajasthan, India.
Involving participation from around 230 aircraft, the exercise was used to demonstrate day, dusk and night employability of aerial weapons by the IAF's front-line fighter aircraft, in addition to highlighting their ability to conduct seamless network-centric operations with the army and navy.
The exercise featured displays of various fire power aspects, such as air defence operations, counter surface force operations, urban warfare, combat search rescue operations, assault approach and landing, combat offloading and a short take off by a C-130J Hercules transport aircraft.
Participating fighter aircraft included Su-30 MKI, Mirage-2000, Jaguar, MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29 and Hawk trainers, whereas the C130J, AN-32, Embraer Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) and IL-76 Candid constitute the transport aircraft elements.


Northrop eyes MQ-4C maiden flight in April 2013

Northrop Grumman hopes to conduct the maiden flight of the first MQ-4C Triton unmanned air vehicle in the coming months.

Speaking to Flightglobal at the Avalon air show in Australia, Greg Miller, Triton UAS business development manager, says the first aircraft, SDD-1, could fly as soon as April.

Formerly known as BAMS (Broad Area Maritime Surveillance), the MQ-4C is tasked with partial replacement of the US Navy's Lockheed P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft, and will operate alongside the service's fleet of Boeing P-8A Poseidons.


Elbit begins Hermes 900 deliveries to Latin American buyer

Elbit Systems has delivered its first Hermes 900 system to an undisclosed customer in Latin America, with its programme including the delivery of unmanned air vehicles, universal ground control stations to be installed in a mission control centre, Elop electro-optical sensors and other equipment.
In August 2012, Elbit announced its receipt of an order to supply a mixed fleet of Hermes 900s and smaller Hermes 450s to a Latin American buyer. Sources in the Israeli defence establishment said the contract was with Colombia, and had been signed under a government-to-government agreement imposed by the Israeli defence ministry after a previous deal was cancelled because of a "power struggle" between Elbit and Israel Aerospace Industries.


USA DARPA announces new X-plane programme

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is releasing a requirement for a new experimental aircraft, combining the best of vertical take-off and landing technology with conventional aircraft.

The aircraft, one of the rare formally designated X-planes, is meant to both hover and fly at high speeds with efficiency equal to dedicated platforms. Specifications call for an aircraft capable of more than 300kt (555km/h) maximum airspeed; higher than conventional helicopters can achieve, and the ability to hover with greater efficiency than current rotorcraft.

So far, aircraft that have both flown at high speed and operated vertically cannot operate well in either flight profile.

German Air Force starts operation of CH-53 MTA

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) has started using the ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-built mission tactical workstation (MTA) on its CH-53SG transport helicopters in Afghanistan.
The pallet-mounted MTA systems were delivered by the company as part of the CH-53 personnel recovery (PR) capability upgrade package in the middle of 2012.

Chinese hackers target EADS

Last year, a cyber attack by Chinese hackers on European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) was so serious that the management reported the incident to the German government.

Royal Saudi Air Force inducts A330 MRTT into service

A new airborne refueling plane was inducted into the Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft fuel fleet at Riyadh Airbase yesterday.
The new plane, called a330mrtt will supply fuel to F15s, Tornadoes and Typhoons while flying, bringing to six the number of airbus-made a33mrtt air refueling planes.
The plane, which belongs to the TRA72-600 airbus generation, will also serve as passenger and light payload carrier, the SPA reported.


F-35 Flights May Resume Within Week of Tracking Down Fault

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter may resume flying within a week of working out problems that caused its grounding, the program chief for the Pentagon’s most expensive weapon program said.
The grounding won’t affect delivery of the planes and the cause of the engine problems will be known by the end of the week, Chris Bogdan, head of the F-35 program at the U.S. Department of Defense, said in a briefing today in Melbourne. Australia is deciding its order of the stealth aircraft, amid a 7 percent cut to its defense equipment budget and delays in the delivery timetable for the aircraft.


Continuan las entregas de Typhoon al Ala 14

Han llegado a Albacete mas aviones de la factoria de EADS-Getafe. Como podemos apreciar en la foto del pasado 21 de Enero, tiene borrados el emblema de la unidad de la cola y el numeral del fuselaje, por lo que quizás sea de los primeros en llevar los distintivos del Ala 14.


Feb 25, 2013

Another Drone Down in Iran?

Iran’s authorities announced today that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have intercepted and downed an ‘alien’ drone during the first day of the ‘Great Prophet 8′ exercise taking place in Southern Iran this week. It is not clear from the announcement whether the event is part of the training program or an actual intercept involving a foreign unmanned system has taken place.
In the past two years Iran intercepted several US drones, among them a CIA Lockheed Martin RQ-170 and Boeing/InSitu Scan-Eagle, supporting the US Navy, both were captured virtually intact.

Lockheed to upgrade USAF's F-22 jet fleet in $6.9bn contract

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded a sole source indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity $6.9bn acquisition contract to Lockheed Martin, to upgrade the US Air Force's (USAF) F-22 Raptor fighter jet fleet.
Lockheed Martin spokesman BJ Boling was quoted by Defense News as saying: "Lockheed Martin looks forward to working with the air force to ensure the F-22 maintains air dominance for decades to come with capability upgrades like advanced weapons, multispectral sensors, advanced networking technology and advanced anti-jamming."
Since being declared operational in December 2005, the fighter has been frequently grounded over safety concerns relating to its oxygen system and has not been deployed for combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan or in the US-led no-fly mission over Libya.

Red Arrows won't be scrapped

The RAF's Red Arrows will continue to "grace the skies of Britain" as long as David Cameron resides at Number 10, Downing Street has said.
Rumours that the aircraft could be scrapped were dismissed by Number 10 just as the Prime Minsiter was reported to have discussed with his counterpart Manmohan Singh, the possibility of India buying some Hawk jets for its own military aerobatics team.
According to The Guardian, a Number 10 source said: "The prime minister has always believed that the Red Arrows reflect everything that is great about Britain – not just what it shows about our military capabilities but also the skill, dedication and courage of the pilots. And that so long as he's in No 10 they will grace the skies of Britain. Today was a great opportunity for the PM to promote them overseas."


USAF may not be able to afford T-X jet trainer project

Due to its many competing budgetary priorities, the US Air Force may not have the funds to procure its prospective T-X jet trainer, which the service hopes will one day replace its vintage Northrop T-38 Talons. But the difficulties may be further compounded by a Congressional sequestration maoneuvre that will automatically cut US defense outlays by 10% every year for 10 years beginning on 1 March unless a deal is reached to stop it.


UAE to purchase General Atomics Predators

The United Arab Emirates has signed a $197 million deal to purchase the international version of the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Predator unmanned air system.
The sale, although involving General Atomics aircraft, was technically inked with the International Golden Group (IGG), which had previously selected the Predator XP on behalf of the UAE armed forces.

Australia green lights F-35 purchase

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has confirmed that Australia will go ahead with purchasing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter from the US, despite the jets being grounded by the Pentagon due to a cracked engine blade.
The US military on Saturday suspended all flights operated by the fleet of 51 jets to investigate the turbine blade crack.
A statement issued by the Pentagon said that “it is too early to know the fleet-wide impact of the recent finding."
The statement added that the F-35 Joint Program Office is working closely with Pratt & Whitney and Lockheed Martin at all F-35 locations to ensure the integrity of the engine and to return the fleet safely to flight as soon as possible.
PM Gillard told reporters on the weekend that Australia would continue with the purchase of the first two JSFs, which have already been paid for.

Israel Missile Arrow 3 Tested Successfully

The Ministry of Defense's Homa Administration successfully carried out a successful flight test Monday of the Arrow 3 (in Hebrew: Hetz 3) anti-missile missile, in conjunction with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.
The Defense Ministry said that the test was intended to check the flight systems of the missile, which is meant to provide added high-altitude protection against missiles and to solidify the defensive array protecting Israel from the long range missile threat.
The Arrow 3 will be able to intercept ballistic missiles with longer ranges than the ones that Arrow 2 can bring down, and it will do so at higher altitudes. It is part of the multi-layer defense system that is intended to protect the state of Israel, which also includes the Iron Dome system and the Magic Wand system.
Iron Dome, which is already operational and functioned very well during Operation Pillar of Defense, deals primarily with short range missiles. Magic Wand will deal with the medium-range threat.
Development of the Arrow 3 is expected to take two more years, whereas Magic Wand is due to become operational in 2014.

Indonesian Air Force gets two Sukhoi jet fighters, waits for four more

Two out of the six Sukhoi Su-30 MK2 jet fighters ordered by the Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) arrived at Sultan Hasanuddin Air Force Base in Makassar late on Friday evening.
A spokesman from the base, Maj. Muliadi, said on Saturday the two jet fighters were part of an order of six Su-30 MK2s arriving in batches.

Feb 24, 2013

US radar to boost missile defence in Japan

Tokyo and Washington plan to install a US early-warning radar system at a coastal base near Kyoto to bolster defences against the North Korean missile threat, reports said Sunday.
The X-band radar, capable of precisely tracking the trajectory of a ballistic missile, allows US forces to launch intercept missiles from the ground and sea once a ballistic missile has been detected.
It will be the second X-band radar system to be installed in Japan after another was set up in northern Aomori prefecture.
The X-band radar system will be built in an Air Self-Defence Force base in Kyotango, northwest of Kyoto, on the coast of the Sea of Japan, or East Sea, Kyodo News and Jiji Press agencies reported, citing unnamed sources.
The location was picked as it was likely that a North Korean missile targeting Guam or Hawaii would fly over western or central parts of Japan, Kyodo said.


Russia to hand over INS Vikramaditya to India in November

Russia will hand over the much-delayed INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier to India in November, giving the country's navy a strategic advantage in the Indian Ocean region. The Vikramaditya aircraft carrier is to be handed over to the Indian Navy in November, 2013, head of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, Alexander Fomin, said on Thursday.
"The ship is to be put in a dock in April, go on sea trials in June and July and be officially handed over some time in November," he was quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency as saying.
The Vikramaditya was originally built as the Soviet Project 1143.4 class aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov.

SecAF Donley Says KC-46 Tanker Contract At Risk

The latest looming casualty to the congressional budget mess is Boeing's KC-46 tanker contract, which is in peril unless Congress approves roughly $1 billion in funding.
If you want some idea of just how much uncertainty and confusion sequestration and the Continuing Resolution are generating, this latest mess is a good example. The Secretary of the Air Force cannot tell exactly how much money is needed or when because of the overlapping confusion caused by the CR and sequestration.

American troops in Niger to set up drone base

President Barack Obama said Friday that about 100 American troops have been deployed to the African nation of Niger. Two U.S. defense officials said the troops would be setting up a base for unarmed drones to conduct surveillance.
Obama announced the deployment in a letter to Congress, saying that the forces "will provide support for intelligence collection and will also facilitate intelligence sharing with French forces conducting operations in Mali, and with other partners in the region."
The move marks a deepening of U.S. efforts to stem the spread of al-Qaida and its affiliates in the volatile region. It also underscores Obama's desire to fight extremism without involving large numbers of U.S. ground forces.
The drone base will allow the U.S. to give France more intelligence on the militants its forces have been fighting in Mali, which neighbors Niger. Over time, it could extend the reach not only of American intelligence-gathering but also U.S. special operations missions to strengthen Niger's own security forces.


China PLA on course for nuclear-powered aircraft carriers

Beijing has approved funding for major projects to develop core technologies for nuclear-powered vessels, a first official indication of plans to build nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.
But military experts said it was too early to determine when China would have its first nuclear-powered carrier because it would take time to develop a safe and powerful engine.
A report posted on the website of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the largest state-owned shipbuilder, this week said the Ministry of Science and Technology had approved funding to its 719th Research Institute for two research projects, including core technologies and safety studies for nuclear-powered ships, as well as technical support for small nuclear reactors.
The shipbuilding giant is also the top contractor of the People's Liberation Army Navy and took charge of the refitting work for China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.
Military experts said the report indicated that Beijing was formally kicking off its plan to develop indigenous nuclear-powered carriers.
The Liaoning was built using the hull of a Soviet Kuznetsov-class carrier, the Varyag, with a displacement of 65,000 tonnes, which China acquired from Ukraine in 2002. It is a conventionally powered carrier.

La fragata ‘Méndez Núñez’ interviene en la detención de nueve presuntos piratas en aguas del Índico

El pasado 19 de febrero, la fragata ‘Méndez Núñez’, buque de mando de la Operación Atalanta, intervino en la detención de nueve presuntos piratas somalíes en aguas del océano Índico, en una operación que se emprendió desde primera hora de la mañana de ese mismo día.
El suceso comenzó la tarde anterior cuando se recibió el aviso del buque mercante ‘Alba Star’ del ataque por dos esquifes con varios piratas a bordo. Inicialmente fue destacada la fragata holandesa ‘De Ruyter’, que comenzó su aproximación hacia la posición señalada por el mercante para localizar estas dos embarcaciones. Además fue enviado el avión de patrulla marítima español del destacamento Orión con base en Djibouti para ayudar en la búsqueda.

La localización se hizo efectiva a primera hora del martes 19, y personal de la fragata holandesa procedió al abordaje y detención del primer esquife. La segunda embarcación escapó a gran velocidad, por lo que se inició durante varias horas una persecución por parte del helicóptero y el buque holandés, así como por el avión español, que consiguió mantener el contacto y marcarlo mediante el lanzamiento de botes de humo.
Fue entonces cuando la fragata “Méndez Núñez”, que se encontraba al sur de la escena de acción, a máxima velocidad y a rumbo de interceptación del esquife para interponerse en su derrota de huída a territorio somalí, lanzó su helicóptero SH-60B.
Cuando interceptó el esquife, consiguió que parase definitivamente y abortó así su huída. Con el personal del esquife rendido, el helicóptero español permaneció en sus inmediaciones hasta que el buque holandés, una vez en las proximidades, detuvo al personal de la embarcación, reuniendo a los nueve presuntos piratas a bordo a la espera de ser procesados, dando fin a más de siete horas de persecución.
Desde el pasado mes de diciembre, la fragata ‘Méndez Núñez’ se encuentra desplegada en el Océano Índico participando en la operación Atalanta de la Unión Europea, de lucha contra la piratería. Además, la fragata española ejerce como buque de mando de la Fuerza Naval de la Unión Europea (EUNAVFOR), siendo la cuarta vez que España asume esta responsabilidad desde el comienzo de la operación a finales de 2008.


Operation Long Jump: The operation to kill the “Big Three” Allied leaders in Iran

Operation Long Jump (German: Unternehmen Weitsprung) was an alleged German plan to simultaneously assassinate Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt at the 1943 Tehran Conference during World War II. The operation to kill the “Big Three” Allied leaders in Iran was to be led by SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny from the Waffen SS. However agents from the Soviet Union uncovered the plot before its inception and the mission was never launched.
The assassination plan has been popularized today by the Russian media with appearances in films and novels. However many historians believe that the plan never existed and in fact was part of a Soviet disinformation campaign launched first by the NKVD and later the KGB.

Feb 22, 2013

Entire fleet of F-35 stealth fighters grounded by new engine problem

On Feb. 22, the Pentagon decided to suspend the flights of all Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter planes after a crack was found on a turbine blade of a test aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
The decision comes only nine days after the DoD had cleared the STOVL (Short Take Off Vertical Landing) variant of the 5th generation combat plane, designed the F-35B, to resume flying activity after a month long grounding due to a fueldraulic engine problem.
Even though both groundings were caused by engine problems, the extent of the last suspension is wider as it affects all the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) types: the F-35A conventional takeoff version, the F-35B jump jet variant (destined to replace the AV-8B Harrier) and the F-35C Carrier Variant.
The crack on the low pressure turbine of the F135 engine problem will roughly require a week-long investigation according to a P&W spokesman quoted by DefenseNews.
According to the official statements, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, which builds the engine for the fighter, are working closely to “ensure the integrity of the engine and return the F-35 fleet to flight as soon as possible.”
Maybe there’s someone in Washington DC who repent for killing the F-35′s second engine program….


Seven F-35Cs should arrive at Eglin in ApriL

At last, but not least, the Navy should receive its first F-35 jets this spring at Eglin.
A production model of the F-35C, the Navy’s version of the military’s newest and most expensive stealth fighter jet, took to the sky for the first time last Thursday in Fort Worth, Texas. Lockheed Martin, the company that makes the planes, is set to deliver that jet and six others to Eglin Air Force Base the first weekend in April.


Fuerza Aérea de Brasil recibe dos UAV Hermes 450 más de Elbit Systems

La Fuerza Aérea de Brasil (FAB) recibió el día 30 de enero dos UAV más Hermes 450 fabricados por la compañía israelí Elbit Systems, lo que supone una inversión de 24,26 millones de dólares, aproximadamente. Denominados como RQ-450, los UAV están siendo montados en la Base Aérea de Santa María, sede del 1º/12º GAv, Escuadrón Horus, unidad de la Fuerza Aérea pionera en la operación de este tipo de aeronaves. Según la FAB, los vuelos de prueba de los nuevos RQ-450 tendrán lugar en marzo.

AUSTRALIA is set to sign up for $2 billion worth of unmanned spy planes able to detect small, wooden people-smuggling boats

The Federal Government will send a letter of request for possible access to the United States Navy's development program for a high-flying, long-range pilotless aircraft called the Triton.
Once it detects a timber vessel it will be able to photograph the intruder or pass the information through secure military links to other aircraft or ships in the area.
Australia has a serious gap in its defence against timber refugee boats because over-the-horizon radar can't pick them up and current ship and aircraft radars have limited range.
It is understood that the Triton can detect every type of suspected illegal entry vessel that has made it to Australia so far.
The letter requesting a possible foreign military sale will be signed at the Australian International Air show at Avalon next week by Defence Minister Stephen Smith.
The USN is about to test its first Triton and it has 68 on order, the first due in service in 2015.

China may become first importer of Russian S-400 missile systems

China may become the first importer of new Russian S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missiles systems, a top official at the Russian government’s arms trade agency said on Wednesday.

The S-400 has aroused wide-scale interest abroad, Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, deputy director of the Federal Service for Military Technological Cooperation, told Interfax-AVN at the current IDEX international arms show in the United Arab Emirates.


USAF Chief Says 70% of ALL Combat Aircraft 'Non Combat Capable By July'

Imagine if someone told you 70 percent of all American combat aircraft would not be ready to fly in time of war by July. That's just what Air Force Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh told some 600 people attending the Air Force Associations's annual winter conference this morning will happen should the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration occur.

El Ejército del Aire aprueba la creación de la Dirección de Ciberdefensa

El Jefe de Estado Mayor del Ejército del Aire, general del aire F. Javier García Arnaiz, ha sancionado la 2ª enmienda de la 5ª revisión de la IG 10-2 “Desarrollo de la estructura orgánica del CGEA”, por la que se aprueba la creación de la Dirección de Ciberdefensa del Ejército del Aire (DCD)

Ghana's CASA295 in Seville

Ghana's Air Force received two CASA295 transports in late 2011/early 2012. The first of these was seen recently in Seville, where Airbus Military performed an interior modification.
Airbus Military (formerly EADS-CASA) delivered ten CASA 295s in 2012, and there are 26 still on order.

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Recepción del Simulador de Vuelo del C.16 en la Base Aérea de Albacete y Ala 14

El día 15 de febrero de 2013 tuvo lugar el acto de recepción del Simulador de Vuelo del C.16 en la Base Aérea de Albacete y Ala 14, al que asistieron el jefe del Programa, representantes de la empresa Cassidian y de la empresa Indra, y el jefe del Ala 14.

El Simulador entregado forma parte del sistema de entrenamiento avanzado ASTA (Aircrew Synthetic Training Aid). Cassidian como contratista e Indra como subcontratista se han responsabilizado de todas las actividades de instalación y puesta en marcha de este entrenador de cabina y de la estación interactiva de piloto (Cockpit Trainer / Interactive Pilot Station – CT/IPS-E), que junto al simulador de misión (Full Mission Simulator – FMS) forman el ASTA.


Indian Army Orders 20 Cheetal Copters From HAL

The Indian Army has concluded a $76-million deal with HAL for 20 Cheetal helicopters and associated equipment to be supplied over four years. This is the first contract for supply of Cheetal helicopters to the Indian Army. HAL is in the process of supplying an earlier order of 10 Cheetal copters to the IAF.

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Feb 21, 2013

Royal Canadian Air force chief stands by Sea Kings

The head of the Royal Canadian Air Force says he's confident the military's 50-year-old Sea King helicopters can stay in the air long enough for their troubled replacements to arrive.


Budget cuts to force US Navy to shutter four active aircraft carriers

The U.S. Navy plans to shut down four of its active aircraft carriers in one of the worst-case scenarios presented to Congress by the service since the debate on budget cuts heated up this winter.
The Navy previously announced a delay in deploying the carrier USS Harry Truman to the Middle East, plus a stop in the refueling and overhauling of the nuclear-powered USS Abraham Lincoln and a delay in repairing the USS Theodore Roosevelt.


Lockheed Martin pursues consortium approach for maritime version of C-130

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has begun briefing the U.K. and other governments over the possible formation of an international consortium to develop and integrate systems on a maritime patrol version of the C-130 Hercules.