Mar 31, 2013

Tejas LSP-8 Takes Off

The last aircraft in the Limited Series Production program of LCA-Tejas (LSP-08) took off on its maiden flight here today from HAL airport. The performance of the aircraft was flawless. With this, the Initial Operation Clearance (IOC) for the aircraft can be expected soon

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Spanish Tigers Deployed to Afghanistan

Three Spanish Tiger combat helicopters arrived in Herat, Afghanistan, on board an Antonov An-124 transport aircraft.

The Tigers from the Spanish army's Attack Helicopter Battalion nº 1 (BHELA 1), whose home base is Almagro, will provide protection and security for troops withdrawing from Afghanistan. They will do so as part of a tactical group of multirole helicopters including Cougars and Chinooks, which will conduct reconnaissance and security missions and convoy escort of withdrawing forces.

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Mar 30, 2013

Movement at NKorea's missile sites

A South Korean source says there's been a sharp increase in personnel and vehicle movement at the North's mid- and long-range missile sites as tension on the divided peninsula rises.
The revelation, which the Yonhap news agency attributes to an unidentified South Korean military official, came after North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ordered preparations for strategic rocket strikes on US targets following US stealth bomber training runs over South Korea.

Former USN chief suggests DoD should cancel F-35A in favour of C-model

Former US Navy chief of naval operations Adm Gary Roughead says the US Department of Defense (DoD) should consider eliminating the F-35A version of the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) in favour of the carrier-based F-35C. In recent weeks, the idea has gathered momentum with current and former defence officials saying the Pentagon's office of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE) is studying the idea even though the DoD officially denies those claims.


Turkey to replace F-16s with local jets

Turkey eyes replacing F-16s with locally produced fighter jets by 2023. Recently, Turkish arms manufacturer TAI has signed a technical assistance deal with Swedish Saab on technical assistance to build a fighter jet, as Daily News reported.
Turkish officials have been in talks with Saab (and with Korean Aerospace Industries) to find the best modality for the ambitious project of building its own fighter since 2010 and 2011. In August 2011, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, signed a deal with TAI to carry out the conceptual design work for fighter and jet trainer aircraft Turkey hopes to build.


Japan's military chief says F-35 is "best fighter"

Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighters are the best choice for Japan's future operational needs, the nation's highest-ranking uniformed officer said on Wednesday, in a vote of confidence for the state-of-the-art U.S. warplane.
His comments follow reports that some nations that have placed orders for the F-35s may reconsider their plans.
Shigeru Iwasaki, chief of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces' Joint Staff, also said advancement of North Korea's arms technology in a series of nuclear and missile tests posed a serious threat to Japan, but its missile defense system should provide the country with sufficient protection.

El Gobierno justifica la "necesaria" compra de dos helicópteros a EEUU

El Gobierno ha justificado la compra a la Armada estadounidense de dos helicópteros de segunda mano SH-60F, a mitad de su vida útil, por "la necesidad de mantener la capacidad de transporte de tropas" mientras dure la renovación del parque de helicópteros español.

Esta ha sido la respuesta del Gobierno a una pregunta parlamentaria del diputado de IU José Luis Centella, que inquirió al Ejecutivo sobre los motivos por los que Defensa va a recibir dos helicópteros ya usados para reemplazar a los SH3D

El Gobierno recuerda la necesidad de sustituir las unidades que se van a dar de baja y recuerda que tienen más de 40 años de antigüedad.


Mar 29, 2013

Upgraded E-2K inducted into ROCAF service

Four early warning aircraft that were previously sent to the United States for upgrades officially joined the Republic of China Air Force yesterday.

The aircraft, originally called E-2T, have been renamed E-2K following the upgrades, were commissioned during a ceremony yesterday at the Air Force 439 wing located in central city of Taichung yesterday, the Air Force said in a released statement.


B-2 stealth bombers conduct “extended deterrence” round trip mission from the U.S. to S. Korea

B-2 stealth bombers of the U.S. Air Force from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri have conducted a long-duration, round trip (training) mission to the Republic of Korea on Mar. 28.
The new “extended deterrence” mission is just the last “show of force” by the United States whose aim was to show its commitment and its capability to defend South Korea and allies in the Asia-Pacific region.
However, unlike previous sorties that were launched by B-52 Stratofortress bombers based at Guam (strategically located 1,800 miles (about 2,900 km) to the east of China), the last mission was conducted by stealth bombers assigned to 509th Bomb Wing that took off from the Continental U.S., flew for more than 6,500 miles to drop inert bombs on the Jik Do Range and returned home in a single, continuos mission like those flown during Allied Force in Serbia or Odyssey Dawn in Libya.
The B-2 is the only platform capable to deliver the Massive Ordnance Penetrator 30,000lb bomb.


Philippine Navy Signs Contract For Three AW109 Power Helicopters

AgustaWestland announces the signing of a contract with the Philippine Navy for three AW109 Power maritime helicopters plus two options. The helicopters will be used for a wide range of naval missions including economic zone protection, surface surveillance, SAR and maritime security. The aircraft will be delivered in 2014 and will operate from both shore and ship bases. The contract includes initial logistics support and training for aircrew and maintenance personnel.


F-35B successfully completes AIM-120 separation

On March 26, the F-35B Lightning II became the first F-35 variant to complete airborne weapons separations on three different munitions, the most of any model. Navy test pilot released an AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile from BF-3 over water in the Atlantic Test Ranges. The F-35B is the variant of the Lightning II designed for use by the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as F-35 international partners in the United Kingdom and Italy. The F-35B is capable of short takeoffs and vertical landings to enable air power projection from amphibious ships, ski-jump aircraft carriers and expeditionary airfields. The F-35B is undergoing flight test and evaluation at NAS Patuxent River, Md., and Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., prior to delivery to the fleet.

Bangladesh Plans to Buy 24 Russian Jet Trainers

Bangladesh is planning to buy 24 Yak-130 Mitten jet trainers on $1 billion credit from Russia, Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport said on Wednesday.

Dutch And Spanish EU Naval Force Warships Conduct Helicopter Exercise

On the morning of 27 March, the helicopter of Dutch EU Naval Force warship HNLMS De Ruyter landed on the flight deck of the Spanish EU Naval Force vessel ESPS Rayo, becoming the first helicopter from another Operation Atalanta unit to land on the Spanish warship. This helicopter landing occurred as the two ships conducted a ‘Cross-Deck’ exercise, utilizing the new NH-90 type helicopter – known as “Fiber” – embarked on board HNLMS De Ruyter. This type of exercise seeks to increase interoperability among naval forces within the Operation Atalanta Task Force.
The Dutch helicopter conducted a total of six landings on the flight deck of ESPS Rayo for pilot qualification purposes. Following this, they conducted a VERTREP (Vertical Replenishment) which entailed the transporting of one member of the Dutch helicopter’s crew from the Rayo to the De Ruyter. Finally, as a farewell, “Fiber” conducted a pass down the starboard side of ESPS Rayo on her flight back to HNLMS De Ruyter.


Mar 28, 2013

Los helicópteros de ataque ‘Tigre’ ya están en Afganistán

La Base de Apoyo Avanzado de Herat (FSB) acoge ya los tres helicópteros ‘Tigre’ de las Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra (FAMET), que darán protección y seguridad a las fuerzas española en el repliegue de Afganistán.

Durante la pasada madrugada se completaba el transporte de los tres helicópteros a bordo de un avión de carga Antonov An-124 de la empresa Ruslan International, fletado por el Ministerio de Defensa. El mismo había partido a las 06.15 horas del miércoles de la Base Aérea de Torrejón (Madrid).

Tras el aterrizaje del avión en la FSB de Herat sobre las 6:30 de la mañana, el personal español del CATO (Combined Air Transport Operations), junto a miembros de la Unidad de Helicópteros del ET en Afganistán (ASPUHEL), procedieron a la descarga de los helicópteros ‘Tigre’ a través de la enorme compuerta de morro del An-124.

El personal perteneciente al Batallón de Helicópteros de Ataque (BHELA) nº 1, con base en Almagro (Ciudad Real), que se ha integrado en ASPUHEL para el despliegue del ‘Tigre’ -un total de 32 militares-, llegó a Herat el pasado 19 de marzo. Desde esa fecha ha trabajado intensamente a fin de preparar todos los detalles necesarios para la llegada y posterior operación de dichos helicópteros.
Esos preparativos han incluido conferencias teóricas de familiarización con el teatro de operaciones, impartidas tanto en el Cuartel General del Mando Regional Oeste (RC-W), como en la FSB y en la propia ASPUHEL.

Por otra parte, se han adaptado las infraestructuras del área de trabajo de la unidad, que va a ver incrementada su plantilla de personal en dos veces y media más de lo que contaba hasta ahora. Esto ha implicado una intensa labor de redistribución de oficinas y puestos de trabajo, optimizando los medios disponibles.


Mar 27, 2013

US Navy plans to place four UCLASS development contracts

The US Navy has announced its intention to fund four companies to design new unmanned air vehicles as part of its unmanned carrier-launched airborne surveillance and strike (UCLASS) programme.
Boeing, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman “have credible, existing, comprehensive UCLASS design solutions, and associated production capabilities and facilities” to design UAVs through the preliminary design review phase, the navy says.
The presolicitation, announced on 26 March, is the first step towards securing funding for the carrier-based strike and surveillance aircraft. A full solicitation is likely to go out “in the summer timeframe,” says the navy.
The first UCLASS aircraft are planned for production beginning in fiscal year 2016, following a likely downselect to a single manufacturer.

Indonesia displays new C295

An Indonesian air force Airbus Military C295 medium transport has made its air show debut on the static line at the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace exhibition in Malaysia.
The aircraft, designated the CN295 in Indonesian service, is part of a nine-aircraft order signed during the Singapore air show in February 2012. An initial batch of two aircraft was delivered in late 2012.
When it announced the CN295 deal, Airbus Military said state-owned PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) would manufacture the type's tail empennage, as well as its rear fuselage and fuselage panels. A final assembly line for the programme's final two aircraft will be in Indonesia and PTDI will also establish a service centre for the airlifter.
PTDI hopes to subsequently secure follow-on orders for the type from the Indonesian air force, as well as the nation's police service, which could require two examples to use as transports.

AirTanker to start defensive aids upgrade on RAF Voyagers

Use of the UK's new Airbus A330 Voyager tanker/transports is set to be expanded from later this year, with the growing fleet set to receive an enhanced suite of self-protection equipment required to meet the Ministry of Defence's theatre entry standard for flights into Afghanistan.


Peru mulls replacing aged air force jets

Peru is in talks with Spain and warplane suppliers as part of a low-budget plan to replace aging air force aircraft with second-hand Eurofighters and comparable fighters.
Cost is a major issue for Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, who is looking at competitively priced fighter jets that will fit the national budget.
Peru's cut-price fighter jet competition contrasts with Brazil's multibillion-dollar FX-2 replacement jet fighter program, which has gone on for more than two years without a decision on a final choice.
Peruvian news media said the government would be looking to replace aging fighter jets with Spanish Eurofighters -- or a mixed inventory that could include France's Rafale, Boeing's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, SAAB's Gripen NG and Russian MiG-35 and Sukhoi Su-30/35.
Industry analysts said Peru was unlikely to buy new aircraft because of cash constraints.

First P-1 antisub patrol aircraft handed over to Japan Navy

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. held a ceremony Tuesday in Gifu Prefecture to deliver the first two P-1 next-generation antisubmarine patrol aircraft to the Maritime Self-Defense Force.
The two planes will be deployed to the MSDF Atsugi base in Kanagawa Prefecture and will undergo flight tests for two years before engaging in maritime patrol missions.

Malaysia not getting Gripen jets on lease

Malaysia Defence Minister has rubbished a report that Malaysia plans to boost air power by getting Gripen fighter jets on lease.
An international defence magazine published in March reported that Malaysia will get 24 to 32 Swedish-made Gripen aircraft on lease.


France says Malaysia can build jets if it buys Rafale

France dangled Tuesday the possibility of manufacturing its Rafale fighter plane in Malaysia if the nation selected the aircraft as its new combat jet.

Malaysia is looking to buy 18 combat fighters to replace its ageing Russian Mig-29s, with the Eurofighter, Boeing’s F-18 and Saab’s Gripen also in the running.


Cassidian Produces the World’s Most Advanced Eurofighter

The Eurofighter IPA 8 (Instrumented Production Aircraft 8) test aircraft has achieved an important production milestone at Cassidian in Manching: with the mounting of the right wing, the connection between the cockpit, vertical tail unit and wings with the fuselage has been completed.
“IPA 8 is based on the latest Eurofighter Tranche 3 construction standard and is furthermore equipped with state-of-the-art flight test instrumentation. That makes the aircraft the most advanced Eurofighter in the world.


Mar 26, 2013

España envía mañana tres helicópteros de ataque 'Tigre' a Afganistán en apoyo del repliegue de las tropas

Así lo ha confirmado este martes en la Base Aérea de Torrejón y ante los medios de comunicación, el general jefe de las Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra (FAMET), en declaraciones previas a la embarcación de los tres helicópteros en el avión que los trasladará a Afganistán.
España tiene en Afganistán una unidad de helicópteros del Ejército de Tierra que se desplegó en el año 2004, que se han ido relevando en rotaciones de seis meses. Actualmente, la unidad de helicópteros allí desplegada consiste en tres helicópteros tipo Cougar y otros tres de transporte tipo Chinook, que se reforzará con los tres helicópteros de ataque Tigre.


Boeing displays Super Hornet fitted with conformal fuel tanks at LIMA 2013

Boeing is displaying a mock-up of a proposed conformal fuel tank fit (CFT) for its F/A-18E/F Super Hornet combat aircraft at the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) exhibition in Malaysia.


Bristow wins £1.6bn UK search and rescue deal

A long-running procurement programme to outsource and modernise the UK's search and rescue helicopter operations has finally ended with the award of a £1.6 billion contract to US-owned Bristow Helicopters.

To replace the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force AgustaWestland Sea King fleets, from 2015 Bristow will bring in new AgustaWestland AW189s and Sikorsky S-92s, says the UK Department for Transport (DfT) announcing the award on 26 March. The new operation will be fully active from 2017.

Embraer completes KC-390 critical design review

Embraer says that it has successfully completed a critical design review (CDR) for its KC-390 tactical transport and tanker aircraft in conjunction with the Brazilian air force. The review was completed on 22 March


J-20 carrying missile


Singapore Poised To Announce Purchase Of 12 F-35Bs

Singapore is expected to announce sometime in the next 10 days that it plans to buy its first squadron --12 planes -- of some 75 of Lockheed Martin's F-35B.

Canada’s air force eyes drones for maritime and Arctic patrols

Canada’s air force remains committed to getting a squadron of drones to keep watch over vast tracts of the country’s coastlines and Arctic regions, be deployed on humanitarian missions, and even carry weapons in war zones, the head of the air force.
Lt.-Gen. Yvan Blondin says delays in purchasing unmanned aerial vehicles have had a silver lining as evolving technology has meant drones are becoming more capable.

RAF Marham base for Joint Strike Fighter

The RAF's newest stealth aircraft, the Joint Strike Fighter, will be based in Norfolk, the defence secretary has revealed.

Philip Hammond announced the decision that RAF Marham would home the aircraft on a visit to the base.

The facility, where Tornado aircraft are stationed, had been threatened with closure under the government's defence review but won a reprieve in July 2011.

RAF Eurofighters reached Malaysia with support from Italian Air Force KC-767

Four RAF Eurofighters from 1(F) Sqn have deployed to Malaysia with help from an Italian Air Force KC-767.


Mar 25, 2013

Bears Come Out of Hibernation

Two Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) F-16s from Leeuwarden air base intercepted two Bears after they did not identify themselves. The interception took place on the edge of the Dutch area of responsibility and the RNLAF F-16s escorted the Russian bombers until British aircraft took over.

Saab gets deal to complete Gripen E development

Saab has received a major contract to complete development work on its next-generation Gripen E multirole combat aircraft, with the new Swedish commitment worth SKr10.7 billion ($1.64 billion).
Finalised by the nation's Defence Materiel Administration, the new order includes "definition and development work, as well as adaptation of test and trial equipment, simulators and rigs", says Saab. Covering activities to be performed between the 2015 and 2023 fiscal years, the 22 March contract follows an initial SKr2.5 billion deal, placed in mid-February and to run through 2014.
Current plans call for Sweden to fund the modernisation of 60 Gripen Cs to the E-model configuration for its air force, with deliveries to start in 2018 and the project to conclude in 2026. Also contained within an umbrella deal worth a maximum SKr47.2 billion is a pending order to manufacture 22 new-build examples for Switzerland.


Saab to provide AEW&C support services for undisclosed country

Saab has been awarded a contract for provision of support services for the Saab 2000 Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) system of an undisclosed international country.
Under the SEK1.1bn ($169.7m) contract, the company will supply a comprehensive set of spares and support services for the AEW&C system.


B-52 gets new sniper pod

The 2nd Bomb Wing made its first live run with a new addition to the aging bomber.
With constant upgrades bringing the more than 60 year-old bomber into the 21st century, the addition of the sniper pod gives the B-52H Stratofortress better integration with ground forces and laser-guided bombs for precision strike capability.

Dutch orders for F-35 likely to be scaled back

Dutch orders for the Pentagon's F-35 warplane are likely to be cut back, sources close to the discussions told Reuters, citing cost overruns and delays in the program, uncertainty over the Netherlands' defense strategy and budget cuts across Europe.

The Netherlands may cut 17 to 33 F-35s from its initial plans to buy 85 of the new warplanes, according to people close to the discussions who were not authorized to speak publicly since final decisions are not expected until later this year.

China to buy 24 fighter jets from Russia

China has agreed to buy two dozen fighter jets from Russia, state media reported on Monday, the country's first large-scale weapons technology purchases from Moscow in a decade.

The agreement to buy the 24 Su-35 fighters was signed just before President Xi Jinping's weekend visit to Russia, said the People's Daily, the Communist Party organ, citing state television.


RAF Eurofighter Typhoon Touches Down in Malaysia

All eyes turned skywards in Penang today with the arrival of four Royal Air Force Typhoons. The Typhoon aircraft have flown from the UK ahead of the LIMA 2013 air show on Langkawi next week. The 29 Squadron RAF team will be displaying the new multi-role combat aircraft at the event and promise air show spectators a performance to remember.


Mar 22, 2013

Israel seeks to sell Heron control stations to Turkey

Israeli company Elbit has applied to the Israeli government to request approval to sell new ground control stations for Heron unmanned serial vehicles to Turkey.
Israel has a new strategy among its various maneuvers to try to improve relations with Turkey after the Mavi Marmara flotilla crisis. Israeli company Elbit has applied to the Israeli government to request approval to sell new ground control stations for Heron unmanned serial vehicles to Turkey.
It is reported that after receiving approval from the Israeli government, the company will provide the new ground control stations through representative companies in Turkey.
Out of the 10 Herons purchased from Israel, only 3 can be flown because Turkey currently has only one ground control station. New ones were requested from Israel but the request was denied due to strained relations following the Mavi Marmara crisis. Israel now seeks to deliver these systems to Ankara in order to repair relations.


Chinese Navy Liaoning Aircraft Carrier's H/PJ-14 (Type 1130) new generation CIWS

Recent pictures have emmerged on the Chinese internet showing the nation's Aircraft Carrier Liaoning new Close in Weapon System (CIWS) in action. The new generation CIWS, called H/PJ-14, is reported by Chinese media to be of the third generation.

Chinese CIWS of the first generation are the Russian AK-630 systems, that China first acquired from Russia. China subsequently produced a local version of the AK-630 at 713th Research Institute, a member of the CSIC shipbuilding corporation. What China considers to be the second generations of CIWS is the Type 730 (H/PJ12). While close in appearance to the Thales Goalkeeper CIWS, Type 730 is actually reported to be based on the French SAMOS design, which was tested but not selected by the French Navy. China ended-up acquiring the prototype. Consisting in a seven-barrelled 30 mm gatling gun with a firing rate of 4,200 rounds per minute, Type 730 is currently fitted on most front line Chinese Navy surface combatants: Type 052, Type 052B, Type 052C, Type 052D, Type 051C destroyers and Type 054A frigates.


TAI and Saab to design Turkey’s indigenous fighter

It is no secret that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been passionate about two “made in Turkey” vehicles: a car and a fighter aircraft. Interestingly, Turkish officials have found one company that builds both and could help Turkey design and develop indigenous models. Talks with Sweden’s Saab for a Turkish fighter jet are inching forward but industry sources and analysts remain skeptical.

Turkish officials have been in talks with Saab (and with Korean Aerospace Industries) to find the best modality for this ambitious project since 2010 and 2011. In August 2011, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM), signed a deal with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) to carry out the conceptual design work for fighter and jet trainer aircraft Turkey hopes to build.

Mi-24, Legendary Russian Attack Helicopter, Turns 40 This Year

This year marks the 40th anniversary of production of the Mi-24, the first purpose-built Russian combat helicopter, at Rostov Helicopter Plant, today called Rosvertol, a Russian Helicopters company. The design of the Mi-24, a strike and transport helicopter was, was so successful that versions are still in use today: some 1,500 Mi-24s serve with the armed forces of 60 countries worldwide.
In 1978, helicopter test pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union Gurgen Karapetyan set a world helicopter flight speed record of 368.4kmh in an Mi-24. For Russian-made helicopters this record stands to this day.
The Mi-24 was used as the model for development of the Mi-35M, which entered production at Rosvertol in 2005. As well as having substantially superior flight capabilities and manoeuvrability to its predecessor, the Mi-35M can fly combat missions round the clock and in a range of geographies and climates such as high-temperature and high-altitude environments. The Mi-35M is in demand around the world, particularly in Russia and other CIS countries. A new market is South America, where countries have also begun incorporating this unique military machine into their fleets.


Mar 21, 2013

Sikorsky hands over five S-70i helicopters to Colombia

Sikorsky has formally handed over five new S-70i Black Hawk multi-mission helicopters to the Colombian army. The aircraft were accepted during an 11 February ceremony in Tolemaida, Colombia.
The five aircraft were built in Mielec, Poland, and were then custom-equipped in the USA to meet Colombian requirements.
A team of Colombian pilots and maintainers flew the five aircraft from Sikorsky's facilities in Connecticut to Tolemaida, over 10 days of flying covering a distance of 6,975 km (4,334 miles), the company says. The S-70s arrived on 30 January.
The five S-70i aircraft join a fleet of 96 UH-60L helicopters operated by Colombia.


All Italian Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon units simultaneously deployed to Decimomannu

Eurofighter Typhoons, belonging to the 4°, 36° and 37° Stormo (Wing), the Italian Air Force units equipped with the European fighter jet recently deployed to Decimomannu to undertake air-to-air combat training.
The Typhoon currently equips the 9° Gruppo (Squadron) and 20° OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) of the 4° Stormo at Grosseto, the 10° and 12° Gruppo of the 36° Stormo at Gioia del Colle and the 18° Gruppo of the 37° Stormo at Trapani.


UAE Air Force Mirage 2000 fighter jets operations at Nellis Air Force Base

Six United Arab Emirates 2000 fighter jets participated in Red Flag 13-2 held at Nellis AFB from Jan. 21 to Feb. 1, 2013.


La Fuerza Aérea uruguaya manifiesta se interesa por los F-5 Tiger III de Chile

Ha trascendido durante la visita realizada por una delegación de la Fuerza Aérea de Chile a Montevideo, enmarcada en los festejos por los 100 años de la Aviación Militar en Uruguay, que se realizaron contactos para la transferencia de hasta doce F-5 Tiger III a la Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya. La FACh llegó con una grupo de aviones F-5 Tigre III (que incluyó un entrenador biplaza) acompañada por un avión cisterna Boeing KC-135 que los repostó dos veces en el aire para un vuelo que unió Punta Arenas con Montevideo (1.300 millas) en casi tres horas de vuelo. También, en forma extraoficial, ha trascendido que el costo por doce unidades estaría en el entorno de los 80 millones de dólares.
La Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya se encuentra en pleno proceso de selección de una aeronave interceptora para complementar los radares 3D Lanza, pues actualmente únicamente se cuenta con aeronaves A37B Dragonfly e IA58 Pucará (complementados por PC-7U), ambos tipos de ataque al suelo y que no cuentan con las características necesarias para una interceptación rápida y guiada por un radar de abordo. Entre las aeronaves analizadas se encuentran el Yak-130 ruso y el L-15 chino (ambos entrenadores avanzados con capacidad multirol), pero también no hace mucho se manifestó interés (nuevamente) por aeronaves F-5, un avión que históricamente ha sido el favorito de la FAU.
El F-5 Tigre III de la FACh es un avión que ha sido continuamente mejorado a estándares de última generación con un radar multimodo Elta EL/M-2032, sistemas RWR mejorados, HOTAS, HUD EL-OP 2 y casco DASH III para misiles Python III, IV y mas recientemente el misil BVR Derby lo cual implico nuevas modificaciones en la aviónica de la aeronave.

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