Jul 14, 2015

First F-16s Arrive in Iraq

The first batch of U.S.-provided F-16s has arrived in Iraq, following a string of delays over security and other concerns.
The big question overhanging the shipment, though, is whether the Iraqis can fly them.
The Obama administration said Monday that the first group of Iraqi pilots has been trained.
Iraq purchased 18 F-16s in 2011 for $3 billion, and another 18 for $830 million two years later, for a total of 36 aircraft.
There have been numerous delays in getting the F-16s to Iraq, mostly because of the deteriorating security situation there.
How prepared they will be remains to be seen, and defense aviation experts voiced concerns earlier this year.

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  1. Addition of this F-16 warplanes will be the boost for Iraq military.It is the top tier fighting plane.Looking these things Iraqis are taking care of their country.