Sep 8, 2015

Pakistan claims first airstrike with indigenous UAV

The Pakistan Army on 7 September claimed to have successfully used an indigenously built armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to target a Taliban location for the first time.
A terrorist compound was hit and three militants were killed in the Shawal valley of north Waziristan close to the Afghan border. The air strike was carried out by the indigenous Burraq UAV.
The strike was the first time that a Pakistani UAV had demonstrated an offensive capability in the battlefield, departing from the country's known use of UAVs for reconnaissance purposes.
The Burraq and Shahpar UAVs, both of which can be armed, were designed and built in country, although few technical details have been revealed.
Analysis of the two UAVs' platforms shows a close resemblance to China's CH-3 UAV..
Pakistan has a close working relationship with China for joint development of military hardware.

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