Feb 28, 2016

Spain looking into Patriot Upgrade, Sweden, Romania, Finland and Turkey Potential Customers

According to Raytheon, Japan, Spain and Greece are looking into upgrading their Patriot systems while Sweden, Romania, Czech Republic and Finland are potential new customers in addition to Poland and Turkey.
Poland announced in the spring of 2015 that it had picked Patriot for its new air and missile defense program, called Wisla. Lockheed was also in the running but the Polish government excluded it from the competition because MEADS was not yet a fielded system.Germany and the MEADS team have since begun working to mint a continuing development contract while looking for more countries to partner with.
Raytheon and Sweden have been talking about them for the past year.
Romania, Czech Republic and Finland are further behind but have expressed interest. Belgium has also shown an interest.

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