Mar 25, 2016

Singapore RSAF forms second local F-15SG squadron

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has formed a second locally based squadron to operate the Boeing F-15SG Eagle multi-role fighter, adding further credence to earlier reports that it has more such aircraft than previously reported.
A Singapore-based F-15SG was seen carrying the markings of 142 'Gryphon' Squadron on its tail during a commemorative formation flight for Singapore's outgoing chief of the air force, while a photo taken at the multinational Exercise 'Cope Tiger' in Thailand and released by Singapore's Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) showed RSAF F-15SG pilots wearing the squadron's insignia on their flight suits.
The squadron, a former A-4 Skyhawk unit that had been deactivated in 2005 with the ending of Singapore-based Skyhawk operations, was stood up in early March.
The formation of the RSAF's second locally based F-15SG squadron follows the reported retirement of Singapore's last Northrop F-5S/T Tiger II interceptors after 36 years of operations with the RSAF..
The RSAF's F-15SGs had been split between 149 'Shikra' Squadron, based at Paya Lebar in Singapore, and the 428th Fighter Squadron (FS), based at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. The 428th FS is a joint USAF-RSAF squadron that provides continuation training for RSAF F-15SG pilots under the Peace Carvin V programme.
Singapore is confirmed to be operating at least 32 F-15SGs, with 20 aircraft currently in Singapore and the remaining 12 at Mountain Home AFB. However, in August 2014 eight F-15SGs appeared on the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) civilian register, leading to speculation that Singapore has ordered eight more aircraft to give a total of 40.
The reason for the eight F-15SGs being on the FAA's civilian register is unknown.

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