Aug 9, 2014

CH-53K to Make First Flight Within a Year

The next-generation heavy-lift helicopter for the Marine Corps will make its first flight within the next year.
Sikorsky was planning for the first flight in late 2014, but the testing of the Ground Test Vehicle (GTV), a full-scale CH-53K secured to the ground, has been slower than expected.
The Sikorsky-built CH-53K is slated to be the long-needed recapitalization of the service’s rotary-wing heavy-lift capability, scheduled to reach initial operational capability in 2019.
The CH-53K, named the King Stallion during its roll-out ceremonies, is to be the replacement for the CH-53E Super Stallion. The CH-53K looks similar to the CH-53E, but is an almost total redesign of the older type. It is equipped with new-design engines, rotor system, transmission system and other features, and will have three times the payload capacity of the older helicopter. The Marine Corps plans to procure 200 CH-53Ks to replace its 151 CH-53Es.

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