Jun 27, 2015

Antonov debuts An-178 airlifter at Le Bourget

A highlight for the static display at this year's Paris Air Show is the new Antonov An-178 transport aircraft.
The twin-jet tactical airlifter is making its debut appearance outside of Ukraine during the event. This appearance comes just over a month after it began flight trails out of Kiev-Antonov Airport (Gostomel).
Set to replace the An-12 'Cub', the An-26 'Curl', and the An-32 'Cline' airlifters in the Ukrainian Air Force, the 18-tonne-payload An-178 should also be a viable contender on the international fixed-wing medium-lift market. Its nearest rivals will comprise the Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Hercules (22 tonnes); the Embraer KC-390 (23 tonnes); and the United Aircraft Corporation-Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Multirole Transport Aircraft (15-20 tonnes).
The An-178 is essentially an An-158 regional jet with a rear loading ramp.
The aircraft has a maximum payload of 18 tonnes and a range of 1,000 km fully loaded. Its cruise speed is 445 kt, and requires a 2,500 m runway from which to operate.

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