Jun 2, 2015

F-35s To Take Part in Major Military Exercise For The First Time

F-35 fighter jet will drop weapons and take part in a major U.S. military exercise this week for the first time.
The exercise, called "Green Flag West," tests the U.S. military's ability to engage in air-to-surface conflicts and helps get ground troops who pinpoint potential air strikes ready for combat.
Several F-35 A-model jets, along with a host of other warplanes and other weapons, will participate in the exercises.
The Air Force has used aircraft equipped with F-35 sensors in past exercises, but this will be the first time that more operationally representative aircraft take part.
The Marine Corps is expected to declare an initial squadron of 10 F-35B jets ready for initial combat use in July, with the Air Force to follow suit in August 2016.

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