Aug 17, 2015

Israel to supply Jordan with UAVs to combat the Islamic State

Jordan has finalised a deal with Israel for the procurement of strategic and tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to help combat the Islamic State.
The deal encompasses Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron TP strategic and Elbit Systems Skylark tactical UAVs. While separate system numbers are not given, the report by the Israeli DEBKAfile website says that a total of 12 UAVs of both types are to be delivered.
According to the report, the systems are needed to support Jordanian special forces that are currently engaged in ground operations in Iraq, although there has been no independent corroboration of this claim.
Having first entered service with the Israeli Air Force in 2010, the Heron TP is the service's largest and most sophisticated UAV with a wingspan of 26 m and an all-up weight of 4,650 kg. With a stated operating altitude of 45,000ft (although it is believed it can fly higher), the Heron TP is reported to have a 40-hour endurance. Although the Heron TP's range ISRfigures have not been disclosed, the platform's satellite communications (SATCOM) enable over-the-horizon operations.

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