Aug 17, 2015

Russia to launch MiG-31 replacement programme before end of decade

Russia is to begin developing a replacement for the MiG-31 'Foxhound' interceptor before the end of the decade, state media reported on 12 August.
Development of the next-generation PAK-DP (Predpolagayemyy vozdukha Kompleks dlya Dal'ney Perekhvat - Prospective Air Complex for Long-Range Interception) aircraft is to start in 2019.
The Russian Air Force (VVS) is currently upgrading 130 of its approximately 200 'Foxhound' aircraft to the latest MiG-31BM standard. This upgrade encompasses the aircraft's avionics, cockpit displays, datalinks, radar, and fire control systems, and will see the fuselage and landing gear refurbished also.
By the time this process is complete by the end of 2019, the MiG-31BM will be fit to serve through to the 2030s. Even so, the VVS has said that it is looking to field a replacement in about the 2028 timeframe. Specific details, such as performance specifications, pertaining to this PAK-DP replacement have not yet been released.

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