Nov 3, 2013

France Selling Exocet Block 3 for Two Vietnamese SIGMA 9814

The European Union defense MBDA will provide VL MICA air defense missile systems on ships and Latest generation anti-ship missiles Excocet Block 3 for 2 Vietnam missile corvette's SIGMA 9814.
CEO of MBDA, said in a hearing before members of the National Assembly Defense Committee said that France, now, waiting MBDA signed three major contracts for defense foreign customers, including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and a new customer of the French defense industry is Vietnam.
According to Bouvier, MBDA will be joining equipped air defense system on the vessels VL MICA and advanced anti-ship missiles, Exocet Block 3 for 2 stealth corvette SIGMA 9814 by Dutch Shipyard DSNS created for Vietnam. The agreement near future is highly MBDA, help them put a ticket on the market procurement of modern military equipment in Vietnam in the coming years.

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