Dec 24, 2015

France Orders 7 More Tiger Attack Helicopters

On Dec. 17, France ordered a further seven Tiger attack helicopters, aimed mainly to boost support for troops deployed against insurgents in sub-Saharan Africa.
The seven helicopters will be delivered between 2017-18. The Tigers will be the attack version, or hélicoptère appui-destruction (HAD), which are equipped with a more powerful engine, improved targeting system, additional combat external fuel tanks, and certified for Hellfire and Spike air-to-ground missiles in addition to the Mistral air-to-air weapon.
The latest order brings the French fleet to 67 Tigers and follows a request last year from the French Army to send a mixed batch of some 10 attack and transport helicopters to boost the present deployment of helicopters supporting troops in the Barkhane anti-insurgency operation in the Sahel.

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