Dec 21, 2015

Lockheed to reveal 'ultimate offering' for T-X next year

Earlier this year, the company disclosed that its Skunk Works advanced design and development division had also been working on a clean-sheet alternative as a back-up if the air force’s performance specifications for the next-generation replacement for the 55-year-old Northrop T-38 evolve.
Although Lockheed’s long-term relationship with Korea through the country’s indigenous T-50 programme has been expected to form the basis for its T-X offering, Skunk Works declines to confirm that the clean-sheet offer is off the table for the $8 billion new-build trainer contest.
The unveiling at KAI’s Sacheon facility came as somewhat of a surprise, with no advanced notices sent to aerospace reporters by either company, and no Lockheed press release. The event was attended by a mostly South Korean audience, including the country's president Park Guen-Hye.

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