Dec 12, 2015

UK Could Operate 2 P-8A On Loan From the US Navy

UK Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon intends to discuss ways the US can help supply maritime surveillance capability until its P-8 aircraft come online – potentially including an acceleration of delivery for the Boeing made aircraft.
Asked whether the United Kingdom would be asking the Pentagon to provide some form of stopgap measure until the P-8s are available in order to deal with an influx of Russian submarine activity in Europe, Fallon said that will be an issue brought up during his Friday meeting with US Defense Secretary Ash Carter.
The UK announced the decision to buy nine P-8 aircraft in its Strategic Defense and Security Review, with the first three planes expected to come online in 2020. However, analysts have warned that leaves a gap in British capabilities, one emphasized by Russia's actions.
Sources have previously told Defense News that the two governments are looking at having two US Navy P-8s, with British crews available, operate from the UK in order to bridge the gap between now and when the first P-8s come online.

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