Jan 30, 2016

Russian Air Force suspends Flights of MiG-31 fighters due to air crash in Siberia

Flights of the MiG-31 fighters have been suspended until the causes of the Monday crash of this aircraft are found out, a source in the Chief Command of the Russian Aerospace Forces told TASS. "The decision to suspend the flights of this type of aircraft has been made until the causes and circumstances of this air accident are established," the source said. According to him, the emergency plane pilots were promptly found and evacuated by the search group. "Their lives and health are not in danger, they will soon return to their duties," the source said. According to him, "the preliminary cause of the MiG-31 fighter crash is a technical failure." Gallery 23 photo © Sergei Savostyanov/TASS Russian Air Force: best warplanes, helicopters and airlifters The Russian Defense Ministry reported earlier on Monday that the MiG-31 crashed fighter was performing a planned training flight. The fighter of the Central Military District’s Air Force and Air Defense grouping went out of control during a combat mission drill and crashed in a wooded area 40 kilometres northwest of the town of Kansk," the ministry added.

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