Jan 2, 2016

Poland To Cut Caracal Order, Reconsider Black Hawk, AW149

Poland’s has announced plans to decrease the amount of the Caracal EC725 helicopters the country is to acquire from Airbus Helicopters. This would allow the ministry to also purchase Black Hawk and AW149 helos from Sikorsky and AgustaWestland, respectively.
The decision comes following the forming of Poland’s new government in November by the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party. Last April, the previous Cabinet decided to order 60 multi-role helos from Airbus Helicopters to replace the Polish military’s Soviet-designed Mil Mi-8, Mi-14 and Mi-17 copters.
Sikorsky’s local subsidiary PZL Mielec makes the Black Hawk, while AgustaWestland’s PZL Swidnik offshoot produces the AW149.

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