Apr 12, 2014

All F-22s To Have Backup Oxygen Systems Within 12 Months

Full installation of automatic backup oxygen systems on the F-22 fleet is expected to be complete by this time next year. Raptors in Alaska have already begun using the system.
Lockheed Martin was awarded by USAF contracts to install the systems following a grounding and multiple high-profile reports of pilots experiencing hypoxia-like symptoms while flying the F-22, including a fatal November 2010 crash of a jet based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.
Most of the current backup oxygen systems in the F-22 fleet require activation by the pilot, which might not be possible in the case of extreme hypoxia-like symptoms, such as a pilot blacking out.
The Air Force in its fiscal 2015 budget request asks $330.6 million in research, development, test and evaluation for the F-22, and $331 million in procurement. This funding covers the Increment 3.1 software suite, which is scheduled to be complete in fiscal 2017. It includes new air-to-ground capabilities such as a new ground mapping radar, threat geolocation and the ability to carry the small diameter bomb.

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