Apr 28, 2014

Last F-22s arrive at Tyndall

With the arrival of the last four F-22s earlier this month, the Air Force’s newest Raptor squadron is operational, and Tyndall Air Force Base is now home to the largest group of the fifth-generation fighter.
Four F-22s touched down April 8 at the Florida base, completing the transfer of 24 Raptors originally scheduled for early 2013. The flight finished the transfer of the 24 F-22s and seven T-38 Talons.
The aircraft came from Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., which is receiving two F-16s and 950 personnel from Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., which in turn is receiving new F-35s. The F-16s began arriving at Holloman in early April.
This marks the end of the entire transfer of 24 jets from Holloman.
The jets first began arriving at Tyndall in January. The move was delayed a year after Congress failed to pass a fiscal 2013 budget.
As the last jet touched down, the 95th Fighter Squadron at Tyndall was declared initial operational capability ready. The squadron will begin its work with a deployment to participate in Operation Combat Hammer, an air-to-ground Weapons Systems Evaluation Program at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.

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