Apr 23, 2014

Sweden To Boost Military Spending

Sweden announced Tuesday that it will increase its annual defense spending over the next 10 years, citing the crisis in Ukraine and an “unsettling” development in Russia.
The right-wing government said that spending would rise gradually until 2024.
"The recent past has been characterized by a deeply unsettling development in and around Ukraine,” “Russia has occupied parts of a sovereign state.”
the government said in a statement.
The government said the focus of the increase would be on the Baltic Sea and the Swedish island of Gotland, located in the region.
Sweden, which is not a NATO member, wants to expand its fleet of fighter jets from 60 to 70 JAS-39E, buy two new submarines to reach a total of five and refurbish other ships.
Sweden’s military preparedness has been questioned in the local media over the last months, especially after Russia caught the Swedish air force off guard during a military exercise simulating an air attack on the country in March 2013.

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