Sep 30, 2014

F-22 Continuing Operations in Syria

US Air Force general indicated Monday that the fifth-generation fighter will be available for future operations over Syria for the foreseeable future.
That doesn’t mean the F-22 is running missions every day, however. The jet is being used for specific mission sets, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations, where its suite of advanced sensors and avionics can make an impact.
The F-22 had its first official combat mission during the first day of strikes against Islamic States (IS) forces in Syria. It was a long time coming for the jet, which went operational at the end of 2005 but was largely viewed as being kept in bubble wrap for a potential air-to-air combat situation against another advanced air force.
The general confirmed that the F-22 has been used in operations since then. And while its first operation involved dropping a weapon on an IS command and control facility, the jet will not be dropping bombs on every sortie.

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