Sep 19, 2014

Future Bombers Under Study In China And Russia

While the U.S. Air Force pursues development of the Long-Range Strike Bomber project, striving to launch full-scale development next year, both Russia and China are also proceeding with bomber plans. In the case of Russia, the PAK-DA is the first all-new bomber to start development since the Tupolev Tu-160, in 1977, while China’s prospective new system would be the nation’s first indigenous bomber.
China is reportedly working on a new bomber. It is tempting to discount China’s ambitions to build a world-class strategic strike aircraft given that its People’s Liberation Army Air Force (Plaaf) and Naval Air Force (PLAN-AF) seem content to fly successive versions of the Soviet-era Tupolev Tu-16. This medium bomber first flew in 1952 and then in China in 1959, subsequently built by the Xian Aircraft Corp. (XAC) as the Hong-6 (Bomber-6, H-6). However, continued improvements and production of the H-6 show that China retains an interest in long-range airpower.

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