Sep 14, 2014

First unmanned QF-16 struck down

First unmanned QF-16 Viper struck down over the Gulf of Mexico Sept. 5, 2014, was part of a joint effort between the Test and Training Division at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, and the 82nd Aerial Target Squadron here.
"This test was the culmination of years of planning and aircrew training specifically tailored to stand up the next generation of full-scale aerial targets," said Lt. Col. Ryan Inman, the 82nd ATRS commander. "The teamwork between members of Boeing, the systems program office at Eglin (AFB), the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group and the 82nd ATRS enabled a nearly flawless test."
Currently, QF-4 Phantoms are used as targets to test pilots, aircraft and weapons before they reach the battlefield.The unmanned QF-16 performed an auto-takeoff from Tyndall AFB and was targeted by air-to-air missiles launched over the gulf test range.

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