Sep 9, 2014

Fix Decided on For F-16 Cracks

The US Air Force and Lockheed Martin have reached agreement on a fix for a series of cracks impacting F-16B and D fleets around the world.
The fix involves attaching steel and aluminum straps to the front fuselage area.
The cracks in question are on the canopy sill longeron, part of the frame of the aircraft that surrounds the cockpit area of the jet. Cracks were first discovered on an F-16D model on July 31, and the service ordered inspections of the entire F-16D fleet. That resulted in 82 of the service’s 157 F-16D models being grounded.
According to initial Air Force figures, the largest number of cracked F-16D models were at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, where all 35 planes were found to have cracks.
That inspection order also applies to the F-16B and F-16D models used internationally. More than 150 F-16B and 400 F-16D models are operating around the world.
While the US Air Force no longer operates the B model, Turkey, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Denmark and Norway are among customers that must inspect their fleets.

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