Oct 16, 2015

Canada's Navy In Talks To Rent Spanish Replenishment Ship 'Cantabria'

Spain and Canada are negotiating a mutual logistic arrangement (MLSA) to deploy a Spanish replenishment ship with the Canadian fleet in the North Atlantic.
The ship deployed "during some periods of 2016" could be the auxiliary oiler and replenishment ship (AOR) Cantabria or Patiño. The logistic arrangement is "to cover the Canadian navy's temporary need of logistic support vessels."
The Cantabria or Patiño would support training for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Atlantic fleet starting in January. "No end date for the use of that support ship has been established," said Royal Canadian Navy spokeswoman. Negotiations are still ongoing and the MLSA is not yet finalized.
But starting on Oct. 18, Royal Canadian Navy sailors will be serving on the Spanish Navy supply ship Cantabria. Twenty Eight canadian sailors will be on the ship to conduct training during NATO's Trident Juncture 15 exercise.
The Spanish AOR Cantabria deployed with the Royal Australian Navy in 2013. The government of Australia paid the expenses of that deployment during the year.

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