Oct 10, 2015

Norway reconfirms plans to acquire 52 F-35s

Norway's defence ministry has used a strategic defence review to underline its continued commitment to acquiring 52 F-35s, as well as outlining plans to acquire different types of manned and unmanned surveillance aircraft.
Presented by defence chief Adm Haakon Bruun-Hanssen on 1 October, the review will help inform a new long-term plan for the Norwegian armed forces expected to be released in 2016.
Speculation had suggested that Oslo was prepared to scale back its F-35 acquisition. However, Bruun-Hanssen notes that he is “required to keep the minimum of F-35s, due to [its] importance as the future backbone of the Norwegian armed forces”.
Of the 52 required, 28 will be operational by 2020 and the other 34 by 2024 - the first F-35A for Norway, which will be based in the USA for training, was unveiled on 23 September.

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