Oct 10, 2015

Egypt, France In Discussions Over NH90 Helicopter Buy

Negotiations were at an advanced stage as of October 1 between France, and Egypt for the sale of a significant number of NH90 medium helicopters. The order would be a follow-on to recent sales of French armament to the Arab country, especially corvettes, frigates and landing ships—all compatible with the NH90.
Egypt has not issued any formal request for proposals for the multi-role helicopter.
Saudi Arabia is believed to be funding Egypt’s latest weapons purchases.
Egypt may choose between the tactical transport (TTH) and naval (NFH) versions of the NH90, or a mix of the two. The NFH can operate from Gowind-class corvettes or FREMM frigates, and both variants can be based on a Mistral-class landing ship.
Russian candidates like the Kamov Ka-27/29 and the Mi-17 are seen as relatively old technology or not fit for operations aboard ships. Egypt recently ordered Ka-52 attack helicopters, also believed to be intended for use on landing ships. In addition to protecting the Suez Canal, the newly purchased helicopters may help the country support Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen.
Late last month, the French Navy took delivery of its 15th NH90 naval variant, the first to be delivered in final radar configuration.

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