Oct 31, 2015

KC-390 resumes flight tests

The flight on 26 October at Embraer’s test centre in Gaviao Pexioto, Brazil, ends an eight-month hiatus caused by a fiscal crisis in Brasilia. As the Real currency has devalued by 50% since the beginning of the year, the government had slowed payments to Embraer on a host of projects, but none bigger than the KC-390.
Last July, Embraer announced signing an agreement with the Brazilian air force that extended the KC-390 development schedule by a year, with entry into service beginning in 2018.
The timing of the Brazilian economic crisis posed a severe test for the KC-390 programme. Embraer completed a 1.5h first flight in Gaviao Peixoto on 3 February, but never flew again until 26 October. In the interim, Embraer’s team moved forward with ground vibration testing, Curado says.
Embraer also has kicked off development of the F-39 Gripen fighter for the Brazilian air force with prime contractor Saab.

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