Nov 14, 2015

F-15Es arrive in Turkey to attack Islamic State group

Six F-15Es arrived Thursday at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, to take part in airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq.
The aircraft come from the 48th Fighter Wing based at Royal Air Force Lakenheath in Britain.
The six F-15Es will join U.S., Turkish and other allied aircraft taking part in airstrikes against the Islamic State. Their mission is different from the six F-15Cs that arrived in Turkey on Nov. 6, which are tasked with protecting Turkish airspace.
About 300 airmen are deployed along with the 12 F-15s.
In addition to the F-15s, the U.S. has 12 A-10s with the 75th Fighter Squadron from Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, currently deployed to Incirlik. Separately, about 300 airmen, including a Guardian Angel Weapons System, are deployed to Diyarbakir Air Base in Turkey to rescue any U.S. or coalition pilots who go down over Syria or Iraq.

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