Nov 15, 2015

F-35's Joint Strike Missile Completes Flight Test

The Joint Strike Missile designed for the F-35 fighter jet successfully completed a flight test last week.
The missile was launched from an F-16 based out of Edwards Air Force Base, California, over the Utah Test and Training Range, according to a Nov. 11 statement from Norwegian defense company Kongsberg, which develops the JSM jointly with Raytheon. The successful test validated the maturity of the JSM, according to the release.
The medium-range, anti-ship and land-attack JSM is specifically designed to fit inside the Air Force conventional take-off and landing F-35’s weapons bay, but can also be modified to fit the Navy and Marine Corps variants. Norway is buying 52 F-35s, which will integrate the JSM.
Marking a crucial step forward for the international program, Norwegian F-35 pilots are about to begin training alongside their US and Australian counterparts at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. Two Norwegian F-35s touched down at Luke on Tuesday, and later that day a Norwegian pilot flew the plane for the first time, according to a Lockheed Martin statement.

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