Nov 3, 2015

Israel requests extra squadron of F-15s

Israeli sources confirm that details of the request were agreed during a recent meeting between the defence ministers of the USA and Israel in Washington DC. This included the Israeli air force expressing its operational need for another squadron of F-15s, to ensure that the type can remain the "backbone" of its capabilities.
While details of the F-15 request have not been released, the sources say that it involves the latest Silent Eagle-standard aircraft, which would also be equipped with Israeli-developed systems. Enhancements introduced with the advanced strike asset include the ability to carry an increased number of air-launched weapons and the addition of conformal fuel tanks for extended-range performance.
The Israeli air force as operating 25 F-15Is – the youngest of which are 16 years old – and a combined 58 older F-15A/Cs.
Other systems being requested by Israel in order to maintain its operational edge include V-22 tiltrotors, KC-46A tankers, additional F-35s and bunker-busting bombs that have until now not been exported by the USA.

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