Apr 7, 2014

Ukraine Puts Mothballed Mig-29 Fighter Jets Back in Service

Several mothballed Mig-29 were returned to combat service in Ukraine.
Test flights are being conducted and more mothballed fighter jets will take off again.
The state of Ukraine’s armed forces came under close scrutiny when the new government took office in late February, after months of violent uprising.
Kiev launched extensive combat readiness checks of its armed forces in early March, following Crimea’s announcement that it was ready to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.
Defense Minister said in his report to the president that the checks revealed “unsatisfactory” condition of the armed forces.
Out of 507 combat planes and 121 attack helicopters, only 15 percent are serviceable. Air Force crews lack proper training and only 10 percent of them are capable of performing combat tasks.

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