Sep 5, 2014

Iraqi MoD confirms delivery of first Mi-28s

Iraq's Ministry of Defence released a video on 30 August confirming that it has received some of the 15 Mil Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters it ordered from Russia in 2012.
The helicopters shown did not have their stub wings or rotor blades fitted, suggesting they had been recently delivered. They also lacked the mast-mounted radar 360° millimetre-wave radar, although it is unclear if the Iraqi versions will eventually be fitted with this system.
It was announced in October 2012 that Iraq had ordered over 40 Mi-28NE and Mi-35M helicopters, but the precise numbers were not revealed until Russian helicopter manufacturer Rostvertol released a report earlier this year.
The arrival of the first four of the 28 Mi-35M assault helicopters ordered by Iraq was announced in November 2013. The Iraqi MoD announced in May that a second consignment had arrived.

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