Apr 9, 2015

Canada conducts first airstrike in Syria With Two CF-188

Canada conducted its first airstrike in Syria on Wednesday, after its government voted last week to expand its mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and extend it for another year.
The strike was conducted by two Canadian CF-18 Hornets, using precision guided munitions, against an ISIS garrison near Ar Raqqah. A total of 10 coalition aircraft, including six from the U.S., were involved in the strike, according to Canada's Department of National Defence.
Canada began conducting airstrikes in Iraq in October and began training peshmerga fighters in September.
Although the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands are also conducting airstrikes in Iraq, Canada is the only NATO member other than the U.S. to conduct strikes in Syria.
Canada has conducted three previous surveillance sorties over Syria, but Wednesday's airstrike was its first in the nation.
Canada is also supporting coalition air assets in the region with aerial refueling, as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.
Approximately 600 Canadian forces are taking part is its mission against ISIS, including 69 special operations forces inside Iraq.

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