Apr 13, 2015

Turkey Confirms KT-1 Trainer Deal with South Korea

Turkey has confirmed that the country will go ahead with a planned purchase of 15 KT-1T basic trainer aircraft from South Korea.
The government decided to buy a follow-on order of 15 KT-1Ts as a stop-gap solution to meet its trainer aircraft needs.
Program for the design, development and production of an indigenous basic trainer aircraft, the Hurkus, is progressing as planned.
The first Hurkus is expected to be delivered to the Turkish military by 2018. Meanwhile, Turkey plans to inaugurate this year a multinational military flight training center. Both trainer aircraft will be used at the planned center after 2018. But KT-1Ts are expected to arrive earlier.
Turkey has signed an agreement with the Tusas Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for an initial batch of 10 Hurkus aircraft.
In 2007, Turkey and KAI signed a contract for the sale of an initial batch of 40 KT-1s, with an option for 15 more.
The industry widely views the Turkish move to buy new KT-1s as a sign of mistrust in TAI's delivery schedule.

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