Apr 9, 2015

US Navy, Marines Prepare Amphibs Ships for F-35B’s First Deployment in 2018

The Navy and Marine Corps are preparing their amphibious assault ships for the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter’s first ever deployment slated for 2018.
The Navy is working to prepare the flight decks, sensors and weapons systems on board several amphibs are ready in 2018.
The Navy is set to provide the modifications to the USS America, the amphib commissioned this past October. It is the lead ship in a series of 11 planned America-class big-deck amphibs.
The USS America will undergo a series of intense modifications to ensure the flight deck can withstand the heat of the F-35B vertical take-offs-and-landings. Navy engineers are installing a new heat-resistant material designed to prevent heat from the aircraft’s engines from burning a hole in the flight deck.

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