Apr 27, 2015

Chile takes delivery of first of two stop-gap C-130s

The Chilean Air Force (FACh) took delivery of a Lockheed Martin KC-130R Hercules in mid-April.
The KC-130R is a former USMC aircraft offered by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency as an Excess Defense Article (EDA) in September 2012 at the symbolic price of USD700,000.
A second KC-130R was offered in August 2013 and is also expected to be delivered in 2015. When both KC-130Rs are delivered they will increase Group No 10's active fleet to five, since there are currently two C-130Hs and one C-130B in service.
The FACh has sought to augment its currently depleted C-130 Hercules fleet as a stop-gap measure since procurement of a new medium transport aircraft has been shelved for some years.

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