Apr 13, 2015

Croatia Unveils Plans to Acquire New Fighter Jets To Replace MiG-21s

The Croatian government has unveiled plans to acquire new fighter jets with the aim of replacing its Soviet-designed Mikoyan MiG-21s.
The two leading contenders for the designed deal are the F-16 JAS-39 Gripen, with Zagreb planning to buy aircraft that are either new or currently used by other NATO member states, local newspaper Jutarnji first reported. Alternatives considered included France's Mirage, Israeli Kfir and a version of South Korea's T-50.
The Croatian government is reportedly aiming to replace its Soviet-designed fighter jets with Western-made aircraft as part of the country's ongoing efforts to modernize its Air Force's fleet and eliminate weapons and military equipment used by Russia and its allies.
Currently, the Croatian Air Force has a total of 12 MiG-21bisD/UMD aircraft in its fleet.
The new fighter jet for the country's armed forces is to be selected by the end of this year.
The amount of the planned procurement, as well as the estimated worth of the acquisition, was not disclosed by the Croatian authorities.

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