Oct 28, 2013

China would consider an act of war UAV shoot down by Japan

A spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense has criticized Japan for making provocations and creating a tense atmosphere after it declared it will shoot down Chinese drones if they violate Japanese territorial airspace.
"Japan means to make provocations and create a tense atmosphere. The training and flying missions by the Chinese military aircrafts including drones, over the South China Sea are in line with international laws and practice," Chinese defense ministry spokesman.
"China’s military aircraft will not violate the territorial airspace of other countries; nor will we allow aircraft of other countries to violate China’s airspace. We’d like to remind relevant sides of not underestimating the unwavering will and resolve of the Chinese military to safeguard national sovereignty.
"We consider such forceful measures as Japan’s claim of 'shooting them down' a severe provocation and an act of war. We will respond with resolute counter-attacks and the provocator will bear all consequences."
The spokesman also briefed the press about a joint operation with Japan to rescue a stricken Japanese fishing boat in restricted Chinese waters.
The incident occured on Wednesday roughly 650 kilometers south of Okinawa when the fishing boat sent out a distress signal. Japan requested the Chinese side to allow its vessels to provide help.
China agreed to the request and Japan’s Maritime Safety Agency was allowed to dispatch vessels into Chinese waters. The Chinese Navy also responded to the request for help and rendered assistance to the rescue operation out of humanitarian considerations.

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