Oct 18, 2013

Taiwan to get first batch of new Apache helicopters in November

Taiwan is expected to get six Apache attack helicopters from the United States in early November.
The six AH-64Es will be the first batch of an order of 30 of the advanced U.S. attack helicopters that Taiwan bought for more than US$2 billion. The last batch should be delivered in 2014.
The helicopters will be shipped to a harbor in Taiwan's southern city of Kaohsiung and then will be flown to an Army Aviation Special Forces. The aircraft are expected to arrive on Nov. 4 at the earliest.
The second batch of the Apache helicopters is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan in December and the helicopters will be formally commissioned into service next year.
Taiwan has sent 61 pilots to the U.S. to undergo training in flying the Apache helicopters and they have all completed the training and returned to Taiwan.
The U.S. Army has been using the AH-64Es, and Taiwan will be the world's first country other than the U.S. to deploy this type of attack chopper.
The model E is the latest model of the Apache attack helicopter family.

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