Dec 23, 2013

Brazil may wait over four years for new fighters, says Saab

Brazil is not likely to receive the first of its new fighter jets from Saab AB for more than four years, underscoring the need for stopgap aircraft in coming years.
Brazil's Gripen NG should arrive after Sweden takes the first deliveries of the next-generation aircraft in early 2018.
That will leave the Brazilian air force waiting to replenish an old, shrinking fleet.
While Brazil waits, the country is negotiating with Sweden to lease existing Gripen C/D, in order to offset the loss of a dozen Mirage fighters at the end of this year.
The Swedish air force is flying 98 Gripens, according to Saab's website, and has ordered the upgrade of 60 Gripen C to the next-generation model, with deliveries beginning in 2018.
The Swiss armed forces have also ordered 22 of the newest Gripens.

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