Dec 29, 2013

Russian Air Force Received 12 Su-35 Fighter Jets in 2013

Sukhoi delivered a total of 12 advanced Su-35 multirole fighters to the Russian air force this year.
The Russian Defense Ministry ordered 48 Su-35s in 2009. The final deliveries are due in 2015.
The air force would receive 12 Su-35 fighter jets next year and 14 aircraft in 2015. The Su-35s will be based at the Dzemga airbase in Russia’s Far East.
The Su-35 Flanker-E is a heavily upgraded derivative of the Su-27 multirole fighter. It has been touted as "4++ generation using fifth-generation technology."
The aircraft, powered by two 117S turbofans with thrust-vectoring, features high maneuverability and the capability to engage several air targets simultaneously.

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