Dec 29, 2013

Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter enters into service with the Russian Defence Ministry

The Mi-28N Night Hunter combat helicopter, has officially entered into service with the Russian Defence Ministry. Before officially entering into service, the Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter was operated by the Russian Armed Forces for several years.
The Ministry of Defence tested it in various conditions and developed a dedicated training and support base. Russian Helicopters has, to date, delivered several dozen Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters to the Russian Defence Ministry.
The Mi-28N Night Hunter meets all current combat helicopter requirements, and has roused interest among potential customers. The export model is known as the Mi-28NE Night Hunter.
Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters boast superior flight capabilities, allowing it to perform aerobatic manoeuvres. The Golden Eagles (Berkuty) helicopter aerobatics team have flown Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters since 2012.

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