Dec 29, 2013

Turkey selects Navantia's Juan Carlos LHD design as winner of its LPD tender

Turkey's Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) just announced via press release that it selected Sedef shipyard as winner of its LPD tender and that final contract negotiations with this shipyard can now begin. Sedef shipyard in Turkey offers a design based on Juan Carlos LHD under the collaboration with Spain's Navantia.
Landing Platform Dock Project According to SSM, the Landing Platform Dock Project (LPD)’s main purpose is the acqusition of one Landing Platform Dock in order to meet the operational requirements of Turkish Naval Forces. The scope of the procurement is for: - 1 LPD and - Four Landing Craft Mechanics (LCM) - Twenty seven Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV), - Two Landing Craft Personnel Vehicles (LCVP), - One Commander Boat - One RHIB (Rubber Hull Inflated Boat) will be acquired
Juan Carlos class LHD The multi-purpose Strategic Projection Ship "Juan Carlos I" is the largest naval unit ever built in Spain. Her NATO denomination is LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock). In June 2007, Australia announced it would purchase and build two ships of the same design to become the Canberra-class landing helicopter docks.
The ship has been designed for 4 mission profiles: - Amphibious ship transporting a Marine Corps Force for landings and land support operations. - Force projection ship transporting Army forces to any theatre of operations. - Aircraft-carrier - Non-combatant operations: humanitarian aid, evacuation from crisis zones and hospital-ship in catastrophe areas.
The crew consists of 261 people: 30 officers, 49 NCOs, 59 leading seamen and 123 ratings.

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