Apr 8, 2014

Canada: No F-35 Buys Before 2018

Canada has told the US government it won’t be in a position to purchase the F-35 fighter jet until 2018.
This moves the notional date of first delivery of aircraft from 2017 to 2018. No official reason was provided by Canada for the change in dates.
Canada committed in 2010 to purchasing 65 F-35s, but the acquisition soon became a major political albatross. Opposition alleged his government misled Canadians on the F-35’s price and performance.
In December 2012, Canadian government, under continuing fire over the increasing cost of the F-35s, announced it would put the procurement on a temporary hold and examine other aircraft.
That process continues, but senior officers from the Royal Canadian Air Force have publicly stated they are preparing for the eventual delivery of the F-35.
Until the evaluation of other aircraft is complete, the government will not decide on how to proceed.
Canada is still a partner in the program and has not informed the US government or Lockheed Martin of any plans to change that.
Canada operates 78 CF-18 fighters and was planning to replace those with the F-35A.

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