Apr 8, 2014

NATO AWACS to fly surveillance missions over Romania and Poland

The North Atlantic Council decided on March 10, 2014, to employ NATO AWACS surveillance aircraft over Poland and Romania.
This employment will enhance situational awareness over what is happening in the region, including in Ukraine, and reassure NATO Allies in the region. All AWACS surveillance flights will take place solely over Alliance territory and no flights will take place over Ukraine.
Operating solely from its main operating base, the Component will fly a line of tasking every day to Romania and a line of tasking every other day Poland. These surveillance missions will be shared with the E-3D Component, who will fly out of Waddington, United Kingdom.
The deputy commander explained that is up to the discretion of NATO's military commanders, notably the Supreme Allied Commander and NATO Air Command based in Ramstein, Germany, to decide on when to start mission flights.
By coincidence, the Component had already scheduled routine missions to Romania and Poland on the schedule for March 11 and 12.

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