Jul 31, 2014

Indonesia gets first three F-16s from US

The Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) received the first three of 24 Lockheed Martin F-16C/D aircraft on 25 July.
The F-16s, which are being upgraded from Block 25 to Block 52 standard by the US Air Force, are former USAF and Air National Guard units that were transferred to Indonesia as excess defence articles under a contract signed in January 2012.
According to official US Air Force media the USAF handed over one F-16C and two F-16Ds on 14 July. The remaining 21 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to Indonesia by the end of 2015.
The three aircraft landed East Java, after flying from Alaska via Guam. In August, six Indonesian Air Force instructors will begin F-16C/D conversion training. The 24 aircraft will be split between Squadron 3 at Madiun and Squadron 16 at Pekanbaru.

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